Thursday, June 6, 2013

Purple Passion


This tutorial was written by me for those with a working knowledge of PSP
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental

Gorgeous PTU Scrap Kit "Purple Passion", by Anna, which you can get at:


Tube of choice I am using the beautiful artwork of Verymany which you can get 

Effects: (All Optional)

Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise
Xero Radiance
Xero Improver
Xero Porcelain

Lets Get Started!!

Open a new image in PSP, 600 X 600 (You can resize later)
Copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer
Layers, Load/Save Mask, Load Mask from Disk,
Effects, Eye Candy 4000, HSB Noise, 7, 30, 40, 0, 99.85, 99.12,
Smooth Lumps, Seamless Tile checked, Random Seed 1
Copy and paste Frame 2
Using your magic wand click inside your frame,
Selection modify, expand by 4
Copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer, Selections, Invert, Delete, Select none
Move this layer under your frame layer, Selections, Select All, Float, Defloat
Copy and paste CU tube of choice as a new layer
Selections Invert, Delete, Select None
Effects, Xero, Radiance, Default Settings, change Opacity to 80%
Copy and paste full size tube as a new layer, Resize as needed and position
(See my tag for reference)
Copy and paste any elements as a new layers, resize to liking

Add drop shadow of choice to all elements,
Layers, Merge Visible

Xero, Improver, Default Settings

Xero, Porcelain, Default Settings

Add your copyright (if needed), tag info and name
Resize your tag to the size you want. Save as a png file and that's it! Your done!

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