Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreaming of You

This tutorial was written by me, Deborah, on June 11, 2013
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
My tutorials should only be used only as a guideline

Supplies Needed
Tube Of Choice I am using the poser
 that comes with the kit
Awesome PTU Scrap Kit "Angelic" by Jill at Mouse Clicks
visit her blog site here:
Wordart 6 By Millie
mask of choice
font of choice

Plug Ins

Alien Skin Impact

Ok Lets get started
open a new image 625 X 625 (you can resize later)
flood fill white

Open paper02
on image add new layer, select all
copy paper and paste into selection
selections, select none
Layers, load save mask and apply mask
layers, merge group

Copy and paste frame03
resize by 75%

Click inside frame, expand by 10
Copy paper01 invert delete
move below frame layer

Copy and Paste heart03
resize 75%
move to center of frame
add drop shadow

Copy and Paste fan01
resize 50%
add drop shadow
move to right of frame
duplicate, mirror
see my tag for reference

Copy and Paste oldphone
resize 30%
add drop shadow

Copy and Paste victrola01
resize 30%
add drop shadow

Copy and Paste butterfly04
resize 15%
add drop shadow

Add wordart resized by 30%
gradient glow

Add name, copyright, and water mark
Layers Merge visible
xero porcelain defaul settings
save as png file

I animated mine with a bling but don't know
who I got it from
so I can't share it

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