Saturday, June 22, 2013

"One of a Kind"

"One of a Kind"

This tutorial was written by me on June 22, 2013. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is pure coincidence. Please DO NOT claim this tutorial as your own or post it to any other blog or website without permission from me. It was written for PSP X2, but should be compatible with any version of PSP. I wrote it assuming that you have a working knowledge of PSP and it's components.
My tutorials should only be used only as a guideline

Supplies Needed
Tube Of Choice I am The awesome PTU tube from ©Zlata_M
You must have a license and purchase tubes to use them
You can purchase their tubes here:
Gorgeous FTU Scrap Kit "PrettyinPink" by Irish Bitche Designs
visit their blog site here:
Mask of choice
I used WSL_Mask254
Get it here:
font of choice
Tag Template missy_tagtemplate281
Plug Ins
Xero porcelain

Ok Lets get started
open Template, duplicate close out original
resize to 675X543
delete background layer
new raster layer, layers arrange send to bottom
Copy and Paste Paper6

Layers, load save mask and apply mask
layers, merge group

add drop shadow to glittered oval

oval selections select all selections float, selections defloat
copy Paper2
paste as new layer selections invert delete

circle selections select all selections float, selections defloat
copy Paper21
paste as new layer selections invert delete
delete circle layer
add drop shadow to Raster 3

highlight wordart by missy
Adjust hue and saturation colorize, following settings

drop shadow
do the same on star layers
drop shadow

Add  tube of choice

add  elements of choice I used:
Bow2 rs 20%
Box2 rs 50%
Box1 rs 40%
boxofpearls rs 30%
Candle2 rs 10%
Heart Dangle Black rs 15%
Leaves rs 15%
duplicate mirror
Rose1 rs 15%

Add name, copyright, and water mark
Layers Merge visible
xero porcelain default settings
save as png file

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