Sunday, June 9, 2013

"American Girl"

 This tutorial was written by me, Deborah, on June 9, 2013
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
My tutorials should only be used as a guideline

Supplies Needed
Tube Of Choice I am using the awesome art work of
©Keith Garvey, You need a license to use his tubes which you
can acquire here:
Awesome FTU Scrap Kit "American Girl" by Simone at Scrappy Bit of Fun
wsl mask 83
You Can Get here:

Plug Ins
Eyecandy Impact Gradient Glow
Xero Porcelain and Improver

Ok Lets get started
open a new image 625 X 625 (you can resize later)
flood fill white

Open paper of choice I
(I used Paper-04)
on image add new layer, select all
copy paper and paste into selection
selections, select none
Layers, load save mask and apply mask
layers, merge group

Copy and paste Frame-07 as a new layer

Magic wand click inside frame
selections modify expand by 6
Copy and paste paper of choice
(I used Paper-03)
Selections invert delete
Move below frame layer
On frame layer Eyecandy Impact gradient glow
following settings

I use this drop shadow throughout this tutorial

Open CU tube of choice
copy and paste as a new layer
If using same tube as me resize by 85% twice
Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen
Drop shadow
Go to Raster 3
selections select all selection float, defloat
go to CU tube layer
selections invert delete
selections select none
move below frame layer
duplicate on copy adjust blur gaussian blur 3.00
Blend mode multiply
Click back on frame layer
Add any elements you wish resize to your liking
These are the ones I used, refer to my tag for placement
make sure to save often and drop shadow each layer

Move to bottom
Add name, copyright, and water mark
Layers Merge visible
xero porcelain defaul settings
save as png file

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