Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Wear A Pink Ribbon

New Tag Made With Kit I made  Inspired by a Poem my 17 year old grand daughter wrote for me for my birthday, I had just underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy and she wanted to make me feel better, it was the most precious gift I have ever received, I love you Meaghan and this is for you...

Below is the Kit

I Wear A Pink Ribbon

A silent killer with no face

A thief within the night

A constant battle for your life

A bitter evil fight

The scars remind you of the day

It knocked at your door

It tried to rob you of your strength

It left you on the floor

To survive you had to sacrifice

A breast and your hair

It showed no pity as it snatched

Those things without a care

You started to give up your fight

Like you couldn’t take much more

Then god reached down and gently

Picked you up off the floor

He wiped your face and blew your nose

He said don’t cry my child for

I have things in store for you

He said: I did not bring you all this way

To leave you high and dry

I love you and you are my child

So do as I told you

Hold your head up high

There is nothing that I cannot fix

No pain I can’t erase

Have faith and know that I am here for you

There is nothing you can’t face

So when you threw your arms up high

And gave God all the praise

For your soul had been uplifted

And your spirit had been raised

You’ve fought with this cancer

And I know you’ll be fine

For God said it and I know its true

Because the victory is yours

And your cancer far behind

Keep that in mind

And you will do just fine

Written by Meaghan  Lesley Rider

October 23, 2012

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  1. Beautiful poem and lovely kit. Thank you for sharing.