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This Tut was written by me on the  July 21st  2013

Supplies Needed

Font of choice

Mask of choice

FTU Scrap Kit "JosiesCamouflage"  from InzpiredCreationz

You can find it  Here

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey

You must have a proper license to use this work.

You can find it Here
Drop shadow 1,1,60,5

Open blank image 600 x 600

New raster layer, select all, paste Paper 9 into selection, select none.

Apply mask, merge group.

Add Frame 1,  resize 80%, add drop shadow.

Using magic wand , select inside frame, select, modify , expand by 5, paste Paper 10 as anew layer, select, invert delete.

Arrange, move down.

Keep selected, add tube as a new layer, duplicate,select original tube delete, select none.

Move copy of tube above frame, using eraser, remove any parts from bottom of frame.

Add Flower 2,   resize 70%, add drop shadow .Duplicate, Mirror

Add Flower 1, resize 70%, add drop shadow.

Add Bow 2, resize 70%, add drop shadow.

Add Lipstick, resize 40%,, add drop shadow.

Add HButterfly 2, resize 80%,  add drop shadow.

Add Bomb, resize 40%,, add drop shadow.

Add Butterfly 1, resize 40%, add drop shadow.

Add Cat, resize 70%, add drop shadow.

Add Charm 2, resize 70%, add drop shadow.

Resize to your liking, add copyright and name, save .

Thank you for trying my tutorial
I would love to see your results
and show off here
email your results here:

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  1. Gorgeous Tut Hunni!!!
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